A real RJ makes you feel the funny

Published Saturday, February 23, 2013

Some of the funniest jokes I have ever heard have come from my FM radio days. The thing is, what most RJs don’t realize its the “real life” wit that comes from personality and character that makes an impact much more than the planned out “jokes”. Making some one laugh is not a skill, its an art and as with any art, it is inherent never contrived.

My all time favourite was done live by Jose Covaco (MTV VJ) when I got him on board at Red FM Mumbai. I was on my way to the Mumbai airport after a day of air checking, tuned in to my station. Jose was doing a love advice show which was particularly funny because he gave such silly advice. One caller moaned that his he has dumped his girlfriend for a new a girl and now the ex was calling and troubling him. Jose said “that’s your problem buddy” and hung up. That’s wit, that’s funny! Jose also started poor joke Mondays. Simply asking listeners to call in with their poor jokes. Now here is the thing, if he had asked for good jokes he would have got a bad response but poor jokes allowed callers to crack real bad ones and have fun.

I think the sad thing about today’s FM Radio stations is that jocks are “trying” to be funny and that’s sad because you either are or are not funny, you cant try to be. As I say its all down to personality and character not content. No producer no matter how good they are can make an RJ funny. For every really funny thing I hear there is loads of very poor content. Programming heads should act independently from management and hire those people who make them laugh. I did that with Jose, his interview was great fun, I laughed all the way even though he brought along some of the worst demo material I have ever heard.