Breaking The Rules Creatively

Published Saturday, November 30, 2013

My dear friend and mentor Prasad Bidapa told me many years ago, it’s ok to break the rules but in order to do so first you have to know what the rules are and he had a point. I leaned media pretty much the same way most people my age did, the only way possible, making mistakes, leaning from them and frankly hoping for the best. There were no media schools to lean how to be a DJ or sound engineer or music producer so we had to just absorb as much as possible do what felt right and see what worked. It was great as any one from that time will tell you.

But those days have gone, the speed of everything has gone in to the clouds, what I learned when I was learning took ten years and a person today can do it in one year and they have to too just to keep up.

The rules were always there, just took some wise creative thinkers to put them down and teach others. Yes, it’s the rebels not the heroes who change the world but much in the same way as it is in any battle, one must know who one is fighting or rebelling against in order to triumph by effectively deploying an original creative idea.

The future is very exciting for all sorts of Indian media as a business for those who want to do this professionally as well as those who just enjoy having fun consuming someone else’s creativity, that I think covers everyone. The people who want to make money out of ideas must know the genesis of what they want to create, they must be able to derive the future from the past, yes, ironically in order to do something that has not been done before.