Free Will Music

FreeWillMusic is a music artist management system for artists who want an alternative to the record company revenue model. Instead of a record label financing the artists FreeWillMusic use crowd sourcing strategies.

The consumer has changed consumption patterns.

Music Festivals like Sunburn and NH7 are worth 100s of Crores today and growing by targeting the same refuse-to-pay-for-music consumer by selling experiences costing upwards of Rs15,000 per person. Meet 21 year old Anil Sharma from Mumbai, he:

  • never reads news papers
  • doesn’t watch television
  • isn’t even aware of radio

Yet Anil also:

  • consumes more media than any other type of consumer
  • is fully aware of what is happening around him
  • engages others with has his own opinions

Anil is not a “Digital First” consumer who uses more digital over traditional, he is the new High value + High engagement consumer, Anil is the “Digital Only” consumer.

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New understanding of who the audience is today and what they are there for.

consumer listening habitsThe Record Business targets the 47% low listening and low spend Passive Majority but 26% of them say “music is more than just the song”, and with Fans its even more obvious they want more than just a the song:

  • 45% Aficionados
  • 33% Forgotten Fans
  • 40% 18-24 year olds

The Music Business targets the 47% high listening and high spend Forgotten Fans + Aficionados.

Fans (including Forgotten Fans and Aficionados) are marked by enthusiasm and an intense uncritical devotion leading to a desire to buy experiences with or own part of the Music Artist

artists vs industry revenue division midia
Non-artist revenue accounts for 78% of the global record business

Superstar Artists take home the lion’s share of the 22% Artist revenue pie

It is estimated in India about 90% of that 22% Artist revenue pie ends up with some 25 individual Superstar Artists

Other Indian music creators writing and performing original music, wont earn enough from music so stop creating thus sending consumers back to the same 25 individual Superstar Artists

The Record Business model is losing relevance and hinders innovation at all levels of creativity…

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 1.45.37 amOn-Demand Music Streaming is Driving the Future of Recorded Music
  • Up 39% from 2012, streaming revenue was $2.4 billion in 2013
  • By 2019 this will grow 238% to $8 billion so represent 70% share of all recorded music revenue

Driven by Passion

  • Users select music or songs by artists, genres, eras etc…
  • Users discover new music in Curated Play-lists made by other users –  the new DJs
  • Applying extensions to social media to access user’s friends and music meta data…

Driven by Youth

  • 25 to 34 years olds spend the most and have the highest paid-to-free streaming ratio
  • 18 to 24 year olds have the highest overall streaming penetration at 52%

And new ways of generating fundsScreen Shot 2015-01-16 at 1.46.24 am
  • New sales methodology
  • Fans of the artist are offered pre-buys of projects such as an album or a concert
  • Fans “pay” in advance but are only charged when 100% of project target amount is reached

New incentives

  • When Fans pre-buy they also get exclusive content, merchandise and are offered very special experiences

New inventory

  • Projects can be anything done by the artists such as a live performance or appearance, audio / video productions, written work or art or photography etc… any type of content as long as it is unique to the music artist

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*Some graphics and most data attributed to MIDiA Research