Objective Creativity

Published Friday, January 24, 2014

Those who know me and have worked along with me may laugh at this but it just goes to illustrate my point better – when ever one sets out on a creative process, the core objective of the creativity must be understood first or its just like taking a dump on a canvas. Oh yes, some “artist” actually does this, he defecates paint on a large canvas and these works of art actually sell. But if making money was his intention then at least he has reached his objective, dubious as it may be, to con the crap out of himself.

Some of us, not all, have an urge to say something through art, to tell a story. Could be a poem or a photograph, could be a movie or a meme, maybe document or a song, its all the same. And when the muse sets in and tingles our tummies we just have to vomit it out. Even then the core objective is just to “get it out” and there is nothing wrong with that, in fact its quite noble, art for arts sake.

But for some of us who work in a creative field the objective is sometimes lost. Sad but true, if we work there then the objective, the ultimate goal is to make money and survive on what ever creativity we do. Again noble but many times misunderstood. Confusion sets in when the work gets questioned, criticised and rejected or even approved. Ad men (and women) will whine it’s often the daftest work that clients approve but that just goes with the territory. Creativity for creativity’s sake is fine for amateurs but for the pros its not an option and that’s why I tell people I work with, get to the core of the task, what is the reason its being done, what is the bench mark of success, what is the objective.