How much? On Radio? Ya?

Published Wednesday, May 1, 2013

No one really knows how much radio presenters earn but in some cases it’s a lot. How much? Well I have signed ¬†contracts worth a crore plus per year to some rjs in Mumbai and Delhi. In some cases they earn more than the general managers and even VPs of the company. Why are these numbers so high?

Well, the rj is the star of the show. With the right one major revenue can be written and with some one new no money may come in at all. And for a business which radio is, revenue is of prime importance. Why would an advertiser want to advertise on a particular station? Well they would decide mostly based on how many listeners the station or show rj had or much more interestingly what they feel about the radio real estate.

If an rj is known then an advertiser can gauge the value of the campaign on that station. It’s called perception. As opposed to hard ratings which no one takes seriously any more.¬†I have been in meetings where my rj has lower ratings than some other rj but is more popular amongst advertisers hence brings in more business.

Salaries start at nothing or in some cases the candidate has to pay for the privilege of working impossible hours a radio presenter works. It’s very similar to being a movie star. There are grade A rjs and down to grade E and this rating is based on the recall and momentum the rjs carry with his or her listeners and more importantly advertisers. In all cases how ever the rj is at he mercy of the perception of their heritage.