How to be a Radio Producer – Basics

Published Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Its the worst job in Radio apart from mine so here are some pretty basic tips on How to be a Radio Producer

What is a Producer?

“…Of all the jobs one can take in a Radio station, the toughest to lay out a description for is that of a Producer… Its easier to describe what a producer does not do and that is not really that easy either…”

Why would anyone want to be a Producer?

  • You work more hours than any one else
  • You have no clear cut role to describe your work
  • You put up with a load of shit from OAT
  • If it goes well you get no credit at all
  • If it goes wrong you get all the blame


  • You are constantly learning new skills
  • You meet and interact with the best people
  • You will move up the chain faster
  • You are the closest one to yr PD
  • You usually are kept on when the jock goes

So what are you…?

At different times, a producer needs to be the program director, music director, promotions director, production director, air talent or engineer for the show. At other times a producer is also expected to be a best friend, a manager, a mother, a co worker, a buffer, a doctor and an emergency help! The producer oversees all aspects of show in the studio, in the office and on the ground. The producer PROVIDES even if its not used You are a utility player, you think on your feet. A producer should be able to do anything that is asked of him/her! That really means everything! If your morning show host (or hosts) requests that they want to do a bit that needs the mayor of the city, riding on top of an elephant during traffic TOMORROW morning at 7:10, then you should make that happen! You should be able to work on 10 different things at once, while a sales person is in your studio asking for a proof of play recording and still pay attention to what is going on, on the air, so you can properly put in the right callers and add to the segment yourself.  Work in your studio for the RJs (Presenters) and if you continue to have that work attitude of “doing it for them”, then ALL YOUR PERSONAL DREAMS OF BEING SUCCESSFUL IN RADIO WILL HAPPEN because you have a job that not too many people really know how to do. You’re in a unique class of individuals in radio that SHOULD BE PROUD TO BE CALLED A PRODUCER!!!!!!!


  • Always, be organized and ready for anything
  • Always carry your ID card and visiting cards
  • Always have a working pen and a spare and a good notebook… that great part in a show that you want to use for a promo, just note the time down and get back to it latter…
  • Make sure your phone is fully charged and paid up
  • Have an amount of cash with you especially if you are on the ground
  • Dress sensibly, be practical, comfortable and presentable if it is required
  • Never arrive on time, always arrive before time… keep time for tire punctures, riots, illness etc…
  • Make bullet point notes of what you need to accomplish during the day then prioritize them…
  • Save phone numbers and contacts, keep them organized in a computer so they are always accessible
  • Read some easy management books to get some better tips than these for sensible basic management and organizational skills, you will need them…
  • Always be ready to take on extra work… this will work out for you…

In short, do what has to be done…