Too Catchy To Drop

Published Saturday, July 20, 2013

You are always gonna have a problem selecting the right song. I have a theory that for any radio station any where in the world at any particular time there is one perfect song to play. I say this because I can prove it. Depending on the format of the station, whats just been played and what competition is playing its possible to identify the perfect song. Typically a radio station would define its format based on the gap in the market and try to fill it. This could mean any number of formats, retro, Kanada, fast songs, Hindi, Hindi love songs, the ideas and possibilities are endless. Playing something for everyone is daft and very poor programming.

The objective is to keep listeners tuned in as much as possible and for as long as possible. So the obvious thing to do is play all their favourite music. Well, easier said than done. Thing is we all have our own top songs, many of these are the hummable current songs and these are an obvious choice to play but how many of these songs are there? Maybe 5 or 6 at any one point of time? So what else does the station play?

This is where careful music management comes in to play. Its mathematics and human emotion so no matter what you hear, its never done “by a computer”. One of the countries top music managers is Aoneha Tagore (yes related to R. Tagore). She treads that line between playing the big hits and playing the lesser well known songs with a very cleaver mix of both always within the format of her stations. She shapes the colour of the station in a way that no RJ can and she seems to always know what is the perfect song to select.