Mediocre Media Colleges

Published Thursday, January 31, 2013

It’s the big thing now, mass media. Everyone wants to do it. Parents and young people are accepting this as a viable career option and why not. Colleges have mushroomed are all over the place offering all sorts of courses relating to media. Most of them are merely money making machines running as mediocre media colleges however but I guess that’s the nature of our education system in India. Then again there are some that have the right idea, you see you can’t teach creativity, only how to sharpen wit and use the tools available.

The first issue is whether or not a student should consider media in the first place. I sound naive I know but shouldn’t a person be creative and have an aptitude for the media arts before they consider this as a living? Seems not. It’s very appealing as the industry grows, salaries sky rocket and one would imagine a happy life doing what they enjoy and earning a living. And this does actually happen sometimes but too many times its the opposite. If the young person thinks and communicates differently then they have something to offer Indian media, if not they are in for a rough time.

The new world of media is going to be all on demand, suggestive programming in the years to come. A college should look to the future and teach this as a core part of any course. Every creative discipline will be available online and young people are leading the way with fresh ideas on how to make money, cutting out the middle men with the creators connecting directly to the consumers. Again I see this as a very positive future and unless this is taught in the media schools the course will be a waste of time.

The young people I have come across who have studied radio as part of a media course have no idea about commercial radio at all. They do know irrelevant skills like scripting for radio dramas and out dated audio editing techniques. Also they have no clue how money is going to be made form what they do as a radio professional. This seems to be a very half baked way of imparting skills.