Millennium’s Megadeth Opening Gig

Published Sunday, March 9, 2008

This was in 2008 March… we actually almost never did the show… glad we did it finally… Praful was dealing with the promoter of the festival for us (as we had not done a show in a few years we had no manager and its always best to one point person taking care of things) and we were playing the gig on the understanding that we would play right before the headlining acts. This was not arrogance but more common sense as we were a Bangalore band and the gig was in Bangalore and we were a genuine heavy metal band for over 20 years opening for one of the pioneer metal bands in the world so ya, it made sense.

On the morning of the festival Praful tells us as we were packing and getting ready to mobilise out of our jam room we had been not given the slot we wanted and another Indian band were to play after us. I was pissed but not surprised it was the norm to get fucked over by an organiser. Roberto was not so calm and accepting though. He did not want to do the gig but said if we wanted to (meaning me) then we would do it. He always had this thing about getting fucked over for some reason. The way I see it is that everyone gets fucked over and even we did some fucking over in our time even if our method was to do arse kicking gigs.

If i said we do the show then we would do it but being the bunch of pubescent girls a heavy metal band is at its emotional heart, I knew I would be blamed if there were any more fuck ups but do the gig we must. So I said lets flip for it – and we did.

Needless to say we were at our technical worst as usual but the power Millennium had on stage in the 80s and 90s was very much still there even without Rio, his songs always worked live and it was by all accounts a good gig for us. Megadeth were ok but Machine Head was awesome. It was a good day considering i had just taken over 7 new FM radio stations a week before as corporate VP and had a first meeting with my bangalore team that morning.