Next FM

Published Saturday, June 1, 2013

I have been waiting a long time for the next big thing to happen with online radio and in fact the music industry. And now with my wait over and I am overwhelmed. There have been a few algorithm based music services that help users listen to songs they like without them actually selecting the songs but none come close Hunagama’s new app. Its intuitive, powerful and very cleaver. It works on the basic principal that “if you like that then you may like this”. But its far more than just a suggestion engine.

What was needed is a service that offers a great selection of music on demand and on mobile for a new demanding consumer who wants a sense of discovery. So in a real sense, the app had to be the friend, the host, the RJ who selects the music. Hungama’s app’s  amazing integration with Facebook means that users can share what they feel about the music as well as what they are listening to.

FM Radio and TV follow trends like a puppy dog boy friend stays close to a pretty girl. They stay near the music industry to know what people actually want or at least that’s what they should be doing so they can reflect what people desire. Rarely is there a genuine attempt to take responsibility for starting a new trend. Ownership is a different matter and radio stations are always staking a claim to playing a hot song first but invariably the trends come from else where, mostly always online.

The new trends in recent years have come form YouTube mainly, the best example is Gangnam Style which reached one out of seven persons on the planet. So videos are very important like they were in the early days on MTV. But now traction is measurable on YouTube so radio and TV stations know what has to be played.  The Hungama mobile app uses videos as well as audio depending on what the user wants. Playlists are shared with friends and stored in clouds, opinions are encouraged to be posted through a brilliant reward system. This is the beginning of the next phase of the music industry.