The Old Rebel Is The New Hero

Published Monday, September 8, 2014

What I love about modern music is that almost all the stars, all the successful creators are rebels. Lets not pretend even for a second that its just about the music. It never has been. Just like fashion or technology or food brands, it is not just about content, music has never been just about the product.

This is one of the attributes that makes our music heroes most appealing to us, assuming they can hold a tune, they each have some brand attribute that draws them to us. That compelling characteristic, more than anything else, is strength we wish we had, the balls to stand up and say FUCK OFF! How come?

Maybe it is because we all want to escape from “the rule” and by attaching ourselves to known nonconformists we feel better. We do this all the time by buying products that display who we are (think we are / want to be / want to be projected as etc…) and its not always an outward display, many times it is for the mirror just to remind ourselves, maybe keep on track.

Take any music act from any era, be it The Beatles or Bieber, or Maiden or Mozart, or Coltrane or Coldplay… they were all our escapes from drudgery to a place where we can stand up and shout FREEDOM! Look at women in music to get the point perfectly – name a single female music sensation and you will see at the core, an activist impeding for direct social, political, economic, or environmental change… Maybe not at the beginning of their careers but eventually, always…

With the new-found ability for anyone to be an opinionated publisher today, more than ever before, the old rebel is the new hero.