RJ Abhay

Published Monday, March 31, 2014

Unlike many jocks with one personality on air and another off, Abhay was the same naturally agreeable person no matter what he was doing or who he was talking to. The millions of people who woke up to him in Delhi for many years knew him the same way we all did and like us who worked with him and became solid friends along the way, they loved him for his integrity and simplicity.

When I met Abhay in late December 2007 I wanted to hire this cheerful clever man at once, he was that obvious a choice for a jock. He was easy to like and obviously intelligent, casual and comfortable but not cocky or over confident. Abhay did not act out a need to prove (to himself) that he deserved to be there, Radio Programming people will know what I mean. I pushed his papers through on the same day it was such an easy decision.

Thing was he was leaving the radio company I was about to join in a few days though no body knew it. For me, as long as I was responsible for programming Red FM I would obviously do what was good for them no matter what came and bit may arse later and I did, thus losing an exceptional talent to my future company even before I joined them!

Along with Swati, another wonderfully chirpy RJ, Red FM went on to make Abhay a household name and I spent many months working out how I could construct a show to beat them.

About 3 years later when I was building another win all prime time morning show I tracked down Abhay and eventually hired him again to pair with Divya, another brilliant bubbly RJ. She knew I was getting a co host for her and before they met was worried about what he would be like. I kept telling her to trust me that I was getting someone she would not only like but want to work with and create the ground breaking show we all needed so badly.

Well, Divya and Abhay went on to host one of the most loved and respected morning shows in Delhi and their legacy will be the standard for many years to come.

A truly gifted soul, not merely for the abundance of talent or charisma but for his serenity and joy of life.