Show Me Your Talent Show Me The Money

Published Monday, April 1, 2013

In Indian media today, its not enough anymore to merely know the techniques, the rules of the craft and have talent. One needs more than the ability to think creatively and come up with original ideas. One has to be able to generate money from the art or really what is the point. And if it were that simple there would be a lot more happy media people than there are. Sad truth is a small amount of talent given to an inherent hustler has more revenue generating capability than the creativity of a true artist.

A film maker has to know how to make a film that will sell, a musician has to know how to convince a client to pay for the composition and a writer has to know what an editor really wants and these are as much skills as the powers to create itself. A fan page on Facebook has a million likes but the owner can’t convert that to revenue so why bother? This is not the era of Van Gogh where a genius dies broke any more, this is the era of monatizable creativity in india and the sooner the next generation of creative people get to terms with this the better.

The point is, taking a risk has never been more the right thing to do.Yes there are enough producers who want re hashes of old ideas but there also a new breed of paymasters who know that visionaries are the future and worth investing in. Kodak the once world leader in photography is now dead and all because they could not see the changing times and held on to old ideas. Seems so obvious in hindsight that all they had to do was embrace new technology but they played it safe and went broke.