Slaves To Our Online Posts

Published Friday, February 1, 2013

For many years now I have been making a sort of half joke half truth quip about a book on my life that i want to write one day. It occurred to me that most of us who are active online are actually already doing this, we are writing and publishing our life stories maybe without knowing it. With the tweets we tweet and posts we post and the pics we upload, our lives are all online for everyone to see. And its not just what we have put online ourselves, its every time our name has been mentioned by others too.

The thing about a book has always been that it is a solid statement and that both scares and excites us at least to daydream about it. But where as in the past this was only the domain of writers who were used to censoring their thoughts before they were published, now we all seem to be having a go and we are indeed slaves to what we write as the written word once published cant really be taken back.

A fun picture posted of an underage boy sitting at the steering wheel of his dad’s car drink in hand is not illegal as long as he is not driving but the implications will haunt him for the rest of his life. A comic comment made in passing about one’s foolish boss was mere water fountain gossip years ago but now, once posted online, its a statement of character, both of the boss and who ever has posted it.

In the future everyone will be a writer, a painter, a poet, a film maker, a music maker and a photographer and thats a good thing. But perhaps not only should we be thinking about what we choose to publish but also what we make a choice not to publish. Maybe this should be taught so we do not end up becoming slaves to our digital thoughts and online posts?