The Real Value Of Online Advertising

Published Friday, February 1, 2013

Why do some ads work and some ads simply don’t? How is success of an ad campaign gauged? Well, to answer there has to be an objective and that objective is invariably to make money or spread information, sometimes both as one mostly leads to the other. Traditional forms of advertising are based on getting attention through some sort of hook such as a picture of a pretty half dressed actress or a gripping tv show or highly relevant piece of information and while people are engaged in the medium paid for information is delivered.

So which medium to chose? And with inĀ each medium which one of the many brands does one select? You would want the ones with the largest number of relevant users and TV, news papers, hoardings and radio are very difficult to asses because measurement of these mediums reach is extremely ambiguous. But online users are very easy to quantify.

Static online content like websites measure hits and clicks so you know who has seen what but does this convert to money for the advertiser? Again it’s hard to know. Streaming online audio and video content are even tougher to measure but still easier than traditional off line. In a US forecast online advertising will overtake the share of all other mediums combined by 2018!

In the future everything will be online and measurable and things will get better but in the mean time we are at the mercy of a hand full of decision makers who are entrusted with making creative selections regarding what is advertised to us. Advertising agency and corporate marketing heads control huge sums of money earmarked for spending on advertising. Depending on the medium it can be up to 75% of the “free” content we consume that is paid for and not really selected by us so these people are responsible for a lot of our time and brain space.