• Music of Paradox

    The way hard rock and metal helps me focus, in the same way music effects everyone differently but in my case and with most metal heads its a paradox.

  • 10 Habits of Highly Effective Musicians

    Highlights of my Masterclass at True School of Music 10 Tips and Habits of Highly Effective Musicians

  • Interesting Music Statistics 2017

    Music Statistics that help you understand how some artists are getting 4 billion views on YouTube and spring up the Billboard Album charts.

  • Don’t feed that Serotonin urge on stolen goods

    $7.4 million win for the Marvin Gaye estate against Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke creators of the 2013 super hit song Blurred Lines… What are the far reaching implications?

  • What is Music Crowdfunding?

    “I say Music Crowdfunding you picture musicians doped out of their mange ridden heads begging bowl in one hand 3 string guitar in the other, right? Wrong!…”

  • Music To Money And A New Approach

    “This is for Indian musicians of any genre as long as you play original material or at least covers in your own style and you love performing live…”

  • Be part of Millennium’s video shoot for Motorhead’s “Iron Fist”

    “Be part of a Millennium video shoot of our cover of Motorhead’s Iron Fist……”

  • The Old Rebel Is The New Hero

    “Lets not pretend even for a second that its just about the music. It never has been. Just like fashion or technology or food brands, its not just about content, music has never been just about the product…”

  • Successfully Happy

    “I must have been about 13 when I said “I want to be happy” to a dear friend’s mother when she asked me what I would like to be when I grew up…”

  • RJ Abhay

    “Abhay was the same naturally agreeable person no matter what he was doing or who he was talking to. The millions of people who woke up to him in Delhi for many years knew him the same way we all did and like us who worked with him and became solid friends along the way, they loved him for his integrity and simplicity…”

  • Walk Your Own Path – Brand Footprints

    “there is no individual credit, its a group creation, this is very important so that everyone can be objective, egos should have been deposited at the door…”

  • Objective Creativity

    “…when ever one sets out on a creative process, the core objective of the creativity must be understood first or its just like taking a dump on a canvas…”

  • Breaking The Rules Creatively

    “what I learned when I was learning took ten years and a person today can do it in one year…”

  • Lies And Radio

    “Its 100% down to character over anything else including content, diction, voice etc…”

  • Too Catchy To Drop

    “objective is to keep listeners tuned in for as long as possible…”

  • Next FM

    “FM Radio and TV follow trends like a puppy dog boy friend stays close to a pretty girl…”

  • Interview on Millennium – Metal Wani 2013

    “we got paid what we asked for or did not do the gig… promoters fell in to two groups, those who have experienced one of our gigs and those who have not… The ones who had heard us just paid us what we wanted and the ones who had not learned a lesson…”

  • How much? On Radio? Ya?

    “Salaries start at nothing or in some cases the candidate has to pay for the privilege of working…”

  • At a Deep Purple Tribute

    “Thing is, I know the Deep Purple guys a bit having opened for them in India a couple of times in the 90s… they are great guys, great stars to hang out with… no pretence or foolishness…”

  • Show Me Your Talent Show Me The Money

    “This is not the era of Van Gogh where a genius dies broke any more…”

  • A real RJ makes you feel the funny

    “sad thing about today’s FM Radio stations is that jocks are “trying” to be funny…”

  • With Salman

    “reformed in 2012 and went about the business of getting ready to perform and a “come-back” gig in on Jan 19 at No Limit Bangalore…”

  • The Real Value Of Online Advertising

    “online advertising will overtake the share of all other mediums combined by 2018! so in the future everything will be online and measurable…”

  • Slaves To Our Online Posts

    “an underage boy sitting at the steering wheel of his dad’s car drink in hand…”

  • Mediocre Media Colleges

    “young people I have come across who have studied radio as part of a media course have no idea about commercial radio at all…”

  • The Heart Of The Indian FM Radio Business

    “Unlike any other form of mass communication, radio makes it it’s business to mirror the people’s feelings…”

  • Millennium’s Vehrnon featured in Indian Rockumentary

    “Millennium’s Vehrnon featured in an Indian Rockumentary about the rock and metal bands active in the 70s, 80s and 90s…”

  • On The Road With Indian Metal Band Millennium

    “chilling at the Juhu Hotel (attached to the infamous Raspberry Rhino) before the first leg of the Deep Purple India tour in 1995. Millennium had just released our first full studio record and were as excited as teenage girls at a disco…”

  • Old School FM Radio Promotions Tactics

    “These are all tactics and I have tried to mention what benefit each one has objectively, CUME or TSL though the end result is more money, I am just stating them as examples of what has worked in the past…”

  • Radio CeeVees

    “How can a 23 year old have an 8 page CV…?”

  • Radio Producer – How to handle RJs

    “Here are a few tips I have gathered for Radio Producers on how to handle even the most difficult RJs (radio jockeys) and get the best out of them…”

  • Millennium’s Megadeth Opening Gig

    “This was in 2008 March… we actually almost never did the show… glad we did it finally…”

  • Millennium at the Jack Daniel’s Metal Awards at MOS Delhi

    “at MOS in Delhi in Feb 2008, bloody cold…”

  • Millennium did it for fun

    “Crowds of 20,000 are easy to please but tough to cater to too technically. I remember when we opened for Deep Purple in Mumbai and Delhi to 25,000 each, a one month latter a gig we were doing had similar sound light and stage arrangements, it was mega!…”

  • How to be a Radio Producer – Basics

    “…Of all the jobs one can take in a Radio station, the toughest to lay out a description for is that of a Producer… Its easier to describe what a producer does not do and that is not really that easy either…”

  • Better Morning Radio Shows

    “Get same age callers on the show, get anyone around a 24 yr old groovy male… 18-28 yr old m/f would do… this tells listeners who you are focusing on and yes we would loose listeners but we will also solidify the ones we do have…”

  • Better Radio With An LAB (Listener Advisory Board)

    “Quick, cheap and easy research for better programming…”